Premade Sale

Hello! I havent been very active on here but I can tell that I am still in business and now with the summer approaching I have more time for online activities, I think. So to celebrate my time, all current premades will be FREE until the end of June. All that is required for payment is credit for the design and coding!

Posted on May, 22 2013

New Onliners

Posted on Mar, 10 2013

New-ish Onliners

Uninvited Grace Designs is NOT dead! I promise! Just havent updated news in a while. Here are some recent finished orders and onliners.

Posted on Nov, 5 2012

New Onliner

For the main Uninvited Grace site!

Posted on Jun, 18 2012

New Onliner

Posted on Apr, 22 2012

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