Pre-Join Week 1

New Members : Everyone!

Once you are approved you may start playing games.

Dite pointed out some mistakes around the TCG so if you tried to do any of the following, they have now been fixed...
- Grappling (new image)
- TLC Match (coding fixed and if you get a master badge as your reward you may take a choice card from that deck)
- Update Comment Registration (link fixed)
- Zack Ryder deck is misspelled. That will be fixed for grand opening.

Everyone may take 1 Special Card of Choice!

Open For Pre-Join

Welcome to Main Event! A professional wrestling TCG. Main Event was originally opened and closed in 2006, now we are back! This is a mini TCG which means it is generally based on member trading, automatic games, and freebies. We are currently in pre-join stages (for a yet to be determined length of time).

- During pre-join, donation and referral rewards will be TRIPLED!
- There are some special games and events that will be available to play during pre-join only. Those special games and events will be available again throughout the year.
- All members joining during pre-join may take cards from all updates!

- The first week of the month I will release 3 or 4 new decks, each following week I will release 2 new decks.
- Special decks will be released on an as made basis and will NOT count towards number of weekly released decks.
- The first week of the month, "Updated Games" will be updated for everyone to play again.
- All members may play automated weekly games once every 7 days.
- Weekly updates will happen on Sundays.

Event Card : Take the card below   

Layout Cards : Take 1 card (Click on the master badge to view deck)

- Please make sure you comment on every update for the cards you take.
- You must register to comment (link is always at the bottom right corner of every update)

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