How To Play

Getting Started
To get started, all you have to do is read the rules and fill out the join form. In your starter pack you will recieve 9 cards. The starter pack includes 3 cards from your collecting deck and 6 Random Cards (Worth 1)

Earning Cards
There are many different ways to earn cards. The quickest and easiest way to earn cards to participate in our games and other activities. You can also earn cards from leveling up, mastering a deck, new member referral, freebies, and of course trading.

Updates & Games
Updates will happen at Main Event on Sundays. The first week of the month we will release 3 or 4 new decks, each following week we will release 2 new decks. Special decks will be released on an as made basis and will NOT count towards number of weekly released decks. The first week of the month, "Updated Games" will be updated for everyone to play again. All members may play automated weekly games once every 7 days.

Levels & Level Ups
Leveling Up is easy. Just earn your cards and fill out our leveling up form. Make sure you send in a level up form each time you move to a new level. Levels are counted by your total card worth.
Level 1 001-200
Level 2 201-400
Level 3 401-600
Level 4 601-800
Level 5 801-1000
Level 6 1001-1200
Level 7 1201-1400
Level 8 1401-1600
Level 9 1601-1800
Level 10 1801-2000

Leveling Up Rewards
2 Cards of Choice (Worth 1) and 3 Random Cards (Worth 1)

Card Types
Regular Decks

Wrestler decks. Each card in these decks are worth 1. Each deck contains 15 cards.

Special Decks

Each card in these decks are worth 2. Each deck contains 15 cards. These decks include but are not limited to pay-per-views, logos, photoshoots, and member build a deck.

Main Event Decks

Each card in these decks are worth 2. Each deck contains a various amount of cards. These decks include but are not limited to events, layouts, and members favorites.

Member Cards

Each card is worth 0. Each member has an unlimited supply of their own member card that can be traded with other members for their member cards only. Member cards are masterable for every 15 collected.

Once you have collected all of the cards in a deck, you have mastered the deck. This means you cannot trade away any of these cards (except for doubles) but you will receive some rewards for doing so. For every deck you master, you receive...
2 Cards of Choice (Worth 1), 3 Random Cards (Worth 1)


The points above are valued at 5, 10, 20, and 50 points. These points are collected and earned throughout the TCG to purchase cards in the shop.

Action Figures
Action Figures are a little something extra you can earn during special games and events. For every 5 unique action figure you earn, you will recieve 1 Regular Card of Choice, 1 Special Card of Choice & 5 Random Regular Cards.

Trading Posts
Every member of Main Event must keep a trading post. Your trading post is to display your cards and keep track of your earnings. Your trading post must contain the cards you are collecting and have collected, cards you are willing to trade, your trades (past and pending), your level badge, and a link back to Main Event.

Referral Rewards
If you referr a member to Main Event and they mention your name in their join form, you will recieve 3 regular random cards.